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I have just passed my 30th birthday two months ago, and I think I should start sharing my life experience to the world, especially to fellow Malaysians who are struggling to thrive. My life is not as interesting as the socialites or celebrities that you see on Instagram but definitely more practical and painful.

Personal Life

I have married for five years (and counting). We are given the privilege of parenting two children (Estmund and Estelle). We are battling my emotional and personality issues that are affecting our family life. My depression battle is a long and hard journey, with lots of ups-and-downs. While I am still working on my long term ambition, I need to find the break from all kinds of obstacles, ie financial, health, family and career. In the view of Christianity, this will be a hard yet blissful journey of sanctification.

I am facing this struggle every day – I have so much to do, yet having so little time to finish anything. Whenever I have an empty slot to finally sit down, somebody is going to rob it from me, and others are going to blame me for not up to my tasks. This is my constant daily struggle, and I have nothing but anger towards those time robbers. Unfortunately, people just never learn but to continue pulling me away for all the unnecessary chores and meaningless chats.


Over the years, I faced challenges big and small to qualify for interviews, to excel in interviews and to secure positions. My first job was following my Dad to collect and sell recyclable scraps. I have worked as a cherry picker back in New Zealand, and now I am proud to call myself a pharmacist. I am sure that my experience is useful for the young (hopefully aspiring) people out there,who are trying to figure out their next steps in earning a living or chasing a dream. However, Master and PhD is definitely out of my league, as I have no intention to continue in formal education.


Managing money is a giant but important task for all Malaysians. We are plagued by two prominent issues – disproportionate income to expenses and insufficient savings for retirement. With majority of Malaysians are having problems in raising just RM1000 for emergency, we need to educate ourselves better for financial literacy. I personally have been facing financial problems for the past three years, hence I have to learn hard and fast everything about money. Along the way, I have picked up knowledge about financial products and practical tips on how to generate income. I think those information and experience are beneficial to be shared with other Malaysians in this financial downturn.


I started to venture into business when I foresee the financial difficulties that is looming over my family and the need to learn new entrepreneurial skills to survive the future economic challenges. Due to the constantly evolving economic situations, I have to adapt and/or adopt new skills consistently. I think I am not a lousy executor, yet I am struggling when it comes to marketing. If you can make no viral videos, marketing will need tonnes of money, which I currently do not have. I am still learning how to do things creatively and efficiently. I wish to tell and preach what have I discovered along the journey.


I am a pharmacist, therefore it is part of my professional responsibilities to convey scientifically proven healthcare advices and demystifying curious cases of ignorant people. Both of our children are born prematurely, therefore we have plenty of sweet and bitter experience to share. There are endless misconceptions and myths out there, either online or offline, and that poses an endless adventure for all health professionals.


For years, I have been writing purely for pleasure and to voice out displeasure, then I have decided to change that in the year 2019. I would like to thank Suraya of Ringgit Oh Ringgit, a Malaysian personal financial blogger for giving me the push. Subscribe to me (and Suraya) for more exciting contents to come.


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  1. Oh yay you took action, nice one Loh! Thanks for the backlink (and the credit), I look forward to witnessing your personal growth!

    Suraya from <3

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