Good day, Malaysia!



Good day” has been my daily greetings since I started to use it back in New Zealand. My colleague knows that it must be me when they hear it on the phone. Once in a while, especially during official events, I will use “Selamat sejahtera” to open my speech.

aerial photo of mountains and clouds under blue sky
I do miss New Zealand often.

New Start

I find it hard to properly write a piece of blog post that is well-researched and well-versed. However, I am thinking of the necessity of leaving my thoughts and life experience as a legacy behind, to my followers and my family (especially my children) when my life ends. Therefore, here I am writing again, minus all the hard thinking.

In this new blog, I will write about my daily lives, ventures in entrepreneurship, professional life as a pharmacist, opinions about various issues, and possibly product reviews. You might find my works obnoxious, but I can assure you, they are all real, as I have given up decorating them.


If you are willing to follow my journey after 30 years old, you are welcomed to subscribe via email by filling the form on your left. However, I will be more active on Facebook. Please Like my page, and I will cross post Instagram pictures on Facebook as well.

Good day.

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